Comprehensive system for visitor advancement, parking management
logistics in industrial facilities

  • Process automation
  • Quick and easy implementation at any scale
  • Combining IoT solutions with the flexibility of the cloud
  • Bezpieczeństwo procesu i usługi

How can SICCO Cloud help you?

Zarządzanie wizytami gości icoicoico

Visitors management

Full automation of the processes related to inviting, verifying and servicing guests means saving time and relieving the reception and security staff. With an easy management system you can schedule or cancel any meeting. SICCO Cloud will take care of your guest and guide them to the meeting place, and you will be notified of their arrival.

How can SICCO Cloud help you?


Increasing safety

n the SICCO Cloud, all events regarding the facility are recorded in real time. In this way you are always up to date with who and when is on your premises. This gives you a sense of security, but also helps in emergency situations such as an evacuation to locate all persons in the building.

How can SICCO Cloud help you?

Łatwy check in icoicoico

Easy Check-in

SICCO Cloud eliminates the need to fill out annoying forms upon arrival at the meeting venue. The guest’s information is already entered into the system when you invite them to the meeting. Once you arrive at the venue, all you have to do is scan the QR code on the registration device.

How can SICCO Cloud help you?

Skalowanie icoicoico


The SICCO Cloud system is designed to run in both small and huge facilities. With easy expansion, the system can grow as your business grows. This solution is ideal for both smaller and larger businesses.

Why customers choose SICCO Cloud?

Thanks to SICCO CLOUD our customers get a tangible effect of process optimization in the form of saving time and resources needed to perform specific tasks. SICCO CLOUD introduces professional communication with business partners, saves time and financial resources of the company, increases the efficiency of the team and operational management and strengthens business relationships by showing the highest professionalism in customer service.

System components

  • chmura


    Portal and processes
    processed in the cloud

  • aplikacja


    Guest service / drivers
    - tablet pc applications

  • identyfikacja


    SICCO Cloud enables
    ANPR vehicle identification

  • powiadomienia


    Stay up to date with
    E-mail notifications,
    SMS, Push

  • integracja


    Thanks to its open API, SICCO Cloud can be integrated with numerous systems, including ERP and WMS.

Four components of success

When providing solutions where the security of the processed data is important, we openly indicate which entities are involved in the process of providing the service. The service provider is the Polish company SICCO Sp. z o.o., a dedicated entity that focuses exclusively on providing cloud services to our customers. The entire software is developed at squareTec, a Polish company that for several years has focused on providing the largest companies and institutions in Poland with IT and technical security solutions, while creating and integrating software in this field. The entire infrastructure is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud, and most IoT devices are secure and open solutions from Axis Comuniactions.

Microsoft Azure
AXIS Communications
  • SICCO Cloud

    Service provider

  • Microsoft Azure

    Cloud infrastructure

  • AXIS Communications

    Urządzenia IoT

  • squareTec

    Software development

Choose the variant for you



Synchronization of whitelists on ANPR cameras

  • Synchronization of whitelists
  • Support for multiple parking lots
  • One-time service maintenance fee
Guest Management


Communication platform

  • Guest sign-up
  • Parking management
  • Monthly subscription
Yard Management


Logistics support system

  • Traffic management in the parking lot and delivery/pick-up area
  • Optimization of transport processes
  • Monthly or annual subscription