frequently asked questions

  • Does the SICCO Cloud pay for itself?

    Definitely yes. SICCO Cloud minimizes operational costs, including human labor.
    In addition, the system provides an enormous amount of knowledge about the processes, which in just a few weeks gives the possibility to further optimize processes.

  • Is SICCO Yard Management complicated to use?

    The system is very easy and friendly to use. This is helped by the graphic design and specially selected graphics that allow for quick and efficient progress through the stages.

  • Will SICCO Guest Management effectively inform the guest of the rules for staying in the building?

    Zdecydowanie tak. SICCO Guest Management poinformuje zaproszonych o zasadach obowiązujących w obiekcie za pomocą wiadomości PUSH/SMS/e-mail. Niezbędne informacje
    będą również dostępne na portalu SICCO.
    Zdecydowanie tak. System zarezerwuje miejsce parkingowe dla Twojego spotkania i automatycznie je anuluje, jeśli je odwołasz.

  • Will SICCO Guest Management help me manage my parking spaces?

    Definitely yes. The system will reserve a parking space for your appointment and will also automatically cancel it if you cancel.

  • Will SICCO Guest Management help me reduce the number of actions needed to finalize a meeting?

    Yes. The system will save time by reducing the number of necessary contacts to a minimum, it will put all the data about the meeting in the calendar and inform the person inviting about the guest's arrival without additional calls.

  • Can SICCO Yard Management be tailored to the individual needs of my business?

    Definitely yes. The system can be tailored to individual customer needs, taking into account the existing infrastructure, specifics of operation and other important parameters indicated by the customer.

  • Will SICCO Yard Management relieve the congestion forming at the entrance gate?

    Yes. The system automates processes and the time needed to handle an order, helps to prepare the warehouse policy and supports optimal management of human resources.